April… in photos

Yes, it’s hard to believe!


the hottest month of the year here in Thailand is over…

We all agree that it was cooler than last year. Most nights still cooled down nicely

which made for good sleeping. It seems that rainy season may be starting a bit earlier too. We’ve

been getting afternoon rain showers, not every day, but several times the past week. That also helps to cool things down,

and cleans the smoggy air so nicely. Our lungs and sinuses appreciate the relief!

We celebrated Trevor’s 16th birthday on April 7th. We treated the family to a very rare

trip to McDonald’s for dinner. The burgers tasted delicious, we almost forgot just how delicious good beef

burgers are 🙂


Michael 🙂


Our  treasures posing with Ronald…


and then we had fun glow in the dark bowling!


Happy 16th Trevor… We love you!


Gaylord and I celebrated 22 years of marriage … we pray for many more together years!

I am blessed to be his!


This month we kicked off our kid’s club in the village. We hoped for at least

10 children to show up, and were amazed when on the first night there were 24!! They seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Kid’s club is scheduled for every Wednesday evening. Last week we had to cancel because of rain.

We play games with them, teach them English, sing songs in Thai and English.

Signing in and getting their name tags


some of their names …


having a water balloon toss!


 One of the favorite Thai holidays is Songkran, the national 3-4 day water fight in April!

 One evening we taught them the English words water fight, water gun, water, ice, water balloon etc.

and played water games together. They loved it.


an excited little boy


This man stopped by to watch and chatted with Gaylord.


teaching them “If you’re happy and you know it”.  On the left is our Thai friend, Champ, who

is committed to helping us with the kids.


Two little girls who biked by and then stopped to watch the fun.


Keep praying for us in this opportunity to share Jesus, and pray for the children to be able to understand

and that they could experience His love in their very own hearts!

April was a month of much excitement around here!

It was leading up to a very important event which  happened on May 1.

This may give you an idea what it was 🙂


Cherie had her first date!…

the handsome young man is Austin Miller, son of Loren and Dolores Miller, also living here in Chiang Mai.

We are so happy for them,

and wish them joy and God’s blessing in their relationship!

April was also a month with lots of agonizing over the distance apart we are from our families.

Gaylord’s father and my father were in the hospital at the same time, both in  critical condition.

Gaylord’s dad is struggling with cancer, and had complications such as a bleeding ulcer and blood clots.

My dad became very ill with kidney stones, gall stones, sepsis, and also had a heart attack.

They are both doing some better at this point, praise the Lord!

It is a helpless feeling being on the other side of the world, so far away,

when our families are going through these hard times.

God is in control,

our times are in His hands.

We choose to trust Him with the lives of our loved ones

He is good!

Thank you for your prayers for us!

We love you all.

our address changed recently (no, we didn’t move)…

I  thought  I should update you on that.

new address:

the Barkmans

152 Moo 8

T. Nong Khway A. Hangdong

Chiang Mai, Thailand



6 responses to “April… in photos

  1. So fun to see pictures of those children we know and love 🙂 We are so excited for your kids club and have been praying for you and them! Also glad the hot season isn’t quite so bad…I was always glad to see the rains come!! God bless you!

  2. Dear Celesta,was so good to hear your update and see..Where do you hold the kid’s club? are any other families involved? who’s vision?AND!… we are so delighted for Austin and Cherie! 8 hour dates prob don’t make up for years of waiting..praying..:). {gulp,as I wipe tear of joy and heartfelt thoughts} we say A Blessing on Trevor’s sweet 16th birthday! Be praying about the timing of the dad’s illnesses etc.Love you all! Heard of Gaylords “welcome home or you shoulda’ been home” outfit.;0

  3. And Happy Anniversary..blessings for many more as the seasons change and earth years go by…excited to see what all else God has in your story for His Glory..with His Grace.. and Fellowship in the Son till we all graduate to see Him face to face!.

  4. How is the Barkman family. This is LaVern miller we had Rick Rhodes at cornerstone church friday sat sunday morning then a church carry in and had a talk about this Barkman GUY that needs a lot of people to keep him in line do you know of any one like that well I wonder how you r really doing . Was wondering if the church you have over there if there is a constitution in place if it is , if I could get a copy of it . Our church is still working on our constitution would have some questions on constitution

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