A Thailand Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I apologize for the length of time that has elapsed since we’ve updated the blog. It seems that life has been rumbling by at a high rate of speed, and updating here just didn’t happen. Time? Where has it gone – how can it be 10 months since we arrived here? Yes, in some ways it seems so much longer! God has been so incredibly gracious and merciful,  SO GOOD!  





Yes, in all the challenges and hard things, in the wonderful moments of heart bursting joy, in the very mundane of every day life and the things that need done…AGAIN,  God is faithful to bring about HIS purpose in our lives, and our being here in the little village of Baan Khunsay. This past month has brought incredible joys and challenges.. We already see how God is using one of the disappointments for HIS GLORY.  He is using an act of theft to allow us to in an even greater way “live out” His love to the precious people here in this village. It’s been a sad month for Chloe, her very dear puppy, Bella, got out onto the road and was hit and hurt badly. After consulting with a veterinarian, we made the decision to have her put to sleep. Chloe misses her dreadfully, and yes, the rest of us miss her too.

We have been so blessed to have visitors! Paul Mark Miller and daughter Katelyn from our home church spent 8 days here. We enjoyed having them here tremendously!  Three of Zach’s friends arrived 2 weeks ago and will be here till after Christmas – well, kind of here, they are taking a 2 week trip to Vietnam and will get to do some exciting things there! Pray for their safety and a successful journey. Jared, Dora and Maddie Yoder arrive next week, and then the Tim Yoder family will visit the end of the month. We are BEYOND excited!!!

What we are really excited about right now is that Cherie comes home next Tuesday morning! Yes, I know, you didn’t even know she was gone, did you? ( Or, lets just say you didn’t find out by way of our newsy blog) – sorry! Cherie left in September with a friend, Noel Mast, to do a 3 month training and internship at the Tamar Center by YWAM in Pattaya, Thailand . Tamar is there to minister the love of Jesus and offer alternative job opportunities to the many women there in the red light districts. It has been INTENSE to say the least , but she is so grateful to have been given the opportunity. We have missed her so much, and can HARDLY wait to have her back!

The final term is completed at IGo, and the students are out on their last assigned 10 day ministry trips. After they get back we have wrap-up week, and then there are the goodbyes we all dread.  All 29 of them have been such a blessing to our family, and we feel blessed to have gotten to know them. We can’t quite yet imagine life here once they all leave, but we wish them  God’s blessing as they follow Him and whatever He has planned for each of their lives.



we counted our blessings….



we remembered how rich

we really are!

following are

some of the blessings that were recited today

* LIFE right now, right here in Thailand

* delicious food

* sweet potato casserole

* our family

* family and friends in the states

* safety

* ALL THOSE that support us and make it possible for us to be here

* cooler air

* turkey!

* coffee

* motorcycles

…. and many more.

Here are a few pictures of today:



my favorite hibiscus bush had one lonely bloom on it today . I was happy to have it grace our Thanksgiving table with it’s lovely presence.



Grilled pork loin and…. yes, hand cranked homemade ice-cream were some of the menu items to look forward to



Meet Mr. Turkey!  He tasted absolutely amazing. Thank you, Delilah Troyer  for your very generous love-gift that made it possible for us to purchase him. What a wonderful treat it was for all of us!


Gaylord demonstrating his carving skills


Our table was full of loved ones…. Doi- our Thai friend, Orlondo – IGo men’s dean, and Zach’s friends – Alex, Madison and Ken all joined us for the festivities…


Gaylord telling us stories about his parents, the choices they made and the Godly heritage we have…


a few of our brave dish washers. wow, what a pile it was!


Chloe and I and the wish-bone 🙂


post Thanksgiving meal chilling…


game time





we missed you so much  Cherie!  Hurry home…


To all our dear friends and family

we wish you

a very happy


May God’s Presence be yours as you reflect on the blessings He’s given you!

We love you!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”    James 1:17


6 responses to “A Thailand Thanksgiving

  1. It just does my heart so much good to see your family there in Baan KoonSay. Looks like you had a good day….what a treat to get a turkey 🙂 Your house looks so homey. I had to smile, because I think we always put “cooler weather” on our list of blessings too!! 🙂

  2. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Thank you for posting pictures… And it’s weird how I feel like I miss Cherie more too since she’s not in Chiang Mai… :))

  3. We have been wondering how you guys are doing. It is so Great to hear from you and we are so thankfull you are all well. We were hoping the Typhoon missed you guys. Your place looks really nice. Take care of yourselves and keep us on your list. Happy Thanksgiving! With Love, your friends Donna and John.

  4. Happy thanksgiving guys! And christy how do you manage to be so cute and pretty? I love your glasses and I love you and I miss you and Sarah’s first violins in her Christmas orchestra miss you (immensely). And Cherie I just printed that beautiful picture of you see? There. That’s all I had to say 🙂 love you all!

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